Model: VHF-21D

Rockwell Collins - 8.33 VHF Comm
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Image shown is VHF-22A due to similarities in appearance between units.
  • Proline II remote-mounted, multichannel VHF voice transceiver providing AM voice communications in the extended frequency range from 116.000-151.975 in 8.33 kHz increments
  • Intended as direct replacement for VHF-20B units
  • Can be used with Proline II CTL-22C control
  • Accept either 2-out-of-5 parallel or RS-422A serial digital tuning data from frequency control unit


Weight: 4.7 lbs. Dimensions: 3.75"W x 3.36"H x 14.0"L
FAA TSO: C37c, C38c EUROCAE: ED-23, ED-24
FCC: Part 15, Part 87 Environmental: DO-160A, categories /A2E1/B/JY/ EXXXXXXZ/BZ/AZA, EUROCAE ED-14A
Temperature: -54 to 70C (operational) Altitude: 70000 ft.
Frequency Stability: +-0.0015% Frequency control: CSDB or ARINC 2-out-of-5
Power Requirements: Receive- 0.5A (14W) at 27.5 VDC; Transmit- 6.0A (165W) at 27.5 VDC Output Power: 16W minimum into a 52 ohm resistive load
Modulation: 85% modulation capability with less than 15% distortion; 95% limiting Sidetone: 100 mW into 600 ohm load
Duty cycle: 1-minute transmit; 4-minute receive Receiver Sensitivity: 3 uV for 6dB (s+n)/n
Receiver Selectivity: Typical 6dB at +-8 kHz, 60dB at +-17 kHz AGC: 3dB max variation, 5uV to 1V
Part NumberVHF Communications Transceiver Description:
822-1112-001 See details above


- 8.33 VHF Comm
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SEA Repair Capabilities: No

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The VHF-21D will directly replace the VHF-20B (i.e. no rack or connector change). However, the original controls for the VHF-20B (ex. 313N-5, CTL-20) are not capable of 8.33 kHz channeling. Therefore, you must replace the original control with the CTL-22C.

Please note that if the extended frequency range (116-151 MHz) offered by the VHF-20B is not required, then you can replace the VHF-20B with the VHF-21C instead.