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Part #: 071-1252-00

Model: KA-98




HF Antenna (White)

Part Number :

  • Probe antenna used as optional replacement for long wire antenna in KHF-950 HF System
  • Used in applications where longer antennas are not practical such as helicopter installations
  • Whip antenna attached to KA-98 sold separately (P/N 071-01272-0001) - not included with KA-98
TSO: C31c, DO-160 Env. Cat C2/A/UVW/XXXXXXBBA Weight: 2.5 lbs.
Dimensions: 2 inch diameter by 16 inches long Temperature: -62 to +85C
Altitude: 0-35,000 ft. Vibration: Tested to vibration curves V,W, and U as specified for helicopters in RTCA paper DO-160
Power Requirements: 14-33 VDC to operate band relay Frequency Range: 2-30 Mhz
Input Power: 150 wtts PEP or 38 watts average Input Impedance: Compatible with KHF-950 System
Part Number HF Antenna Description:
071-1252-00 White finish
071-1252-01 Olive drab finish


- HF Antenna (White)
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Yes, with the appropriate equipment, hardware, antenna, and installation considerations.

A shorted tranline often referred to as "towel bar" antennas are best suited for helicopter applications. Towel bar antennas are attached parallel to the tailboom and fed in on the forward end (please see below example). Very specific instructions in relation to spacing, antenna construction, length, and mounting surface should be followed in order to minimize poor efficiencies at the low frequencies.

Since the towel bar style antenna is considered a short or shunt type HF antenna, the -02 version of the KAC-952 antenna coupler along with the KA-161 external capacitor must be utilized in this type of installation.

In certain installations, a towel bar style antenna may not be possible. Therefore, the KA-98 probe antenna may be used in the KHF-950 system. The same installation considerations (as mentioned above) would need to be observed since all short antennas provide poor efficiencies at low frequencies. A rod style antenna element is installed onto the front of the KA-98 (see picture below). It is important that the probe antenna be provided with a good RF ground. Therefore, the coax feedline from the KAC-952 coupler to the KA-98 cannot exceed 18 inches. In addition, the KA-98 can only be used with the -02 version of the KAC-952 and the KA-161 external capacitor to allow the antenna to tune more efficiently.

If this 18 inch requirement cannot be met, then the KHF-990 HF system should be considered since the amplifier is built in to the KAC-992 probe antenna coupler.