Part #: 066-4004-00
Model: KN-77

BendixKing - VOR/LOC Converter
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  • Remote mounted VOR/LOC Converter designed to be used in conjunction with the KX-175 NAV/COMM unit and external ARINC type indicator(s)
  • Provides manual VOR instrumentation for the OMNI channels when used with a NAV receiver and indicator
  • Can be used with NAV receivers providing ARINC video and is capable of displaying ILS information on Horizontal Situation Indicating System
  • Will provide DC voltages to drive ARINC type indicators
  • Capable of driving three 1000 ohm deviation loads, three 1000 ohm flag alarm loads, and two 200 ohm to-from meter movements
  • 14 V or 28 V operation
Size: 1.55"W x 5.2"H x 11.25"L Weight: 2.2 lbs.
VOR Accuracy: Azimuth error of less than +-1.0 deg. under standard test conditions using precision track selector Input Impedance: 100K ohms
Temperature Range: -40 to +55 C (operation) Mounting: Rigid, any position
Input Level: VOR: 0.50 VRMS; LOC: 0.35 VRMS Duty Cycle: Continuous
Part NumberVOR/LOC Converter Description
066-4004-00 14/28 volt, TSO'd


- VOR/LOC Converter
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SEA Repair Capabilities: Yes

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Serial # 7737
Condition SV
Mods 1-2
Tag Date 11/14/18
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