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Part #: 013-02121-00

Model: GI-205




Radar Altimeter Indicator

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Sandia Aerospace





  • The GI 205 can be installed as a stand-alone display of radar altitude or in parallel with an integrated avionics suite
  •  Pilot may input a Decision Height (DH) setting on the GI 205 display
  • GI 205 deduces the DH crossover point and generates appropriate visual and aural alerts
  • DH alerting in this scenario is independent of the GRA 55/5500
  • Can also be installed in parallel with an integrated avionics suite
  • Provides a dedicated radar altitude display
  • Can be configured to disable the redundant local Decision Height alerts
  • Optionally generates aural or visual alerts based on discrete outputs from the integrated avionics
  • Receive and process ARINC Label 164
  • Visual and aural annunciations
  • Decision Height alert discrete output
  • Activate Self Test mode in GRA 55/5500
  • Display Radar Altitude (Meters/Feet)
  • Auto adjust the brightness of the display
  • Volume control
  • Enable/Disable Altitude Trend

Various parameters can be configured by the installer (not pilot accessible):

  • Altitude Filter Time Constant
  • Maximum Trend Scale Trend Filter Time Constant
  • DH Display Name
  • DH Visual Alert
  • DH Aural Alert Default
  • Decision Height
  • ARINC 429 Speed
  • Select Rounding Options


Part Number: Description:
013-02121-00 Radar Altimeter Indicator


- Radar Altimeter Indicator
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