Part #: MI-585277-3

Model: DI-2008

Honeywell - Color Radar Indicator (Black)
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  • Color Digital Indicator
  • Used in the PRIMUS-200 ColoRadar System
  • Designed for instrument-panel mounting
  • Pilot's operating controls are mounted on the front panel of the DI
  • Target returns are displayed on a rectangular 5" CRT together with range and mode alphanumerics to facilitate evaluation of the picture
  • Panel lighting at 5VAC/DC or 28-VDC is selectable by switch at the rear of the DI
  • The major assemblies in the DI are the power supply, video deflection, logic & memory, interface logic, and operating controls
Ranges: Selectable, in Nautical Miles 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 TSO: A1B1/AKXXXXXXABABB, Class 7
Self-Test: Color test pattern displayed. Modulator trigger is blanked  Weather Mode:

0 level: black, 1 level: green, 2 level: yellow, 3 level: red

Map Mode: 0 level: black, 1 level: cyan, 2 level: yellow, 3 level: magenta     
Part NumberDigital Indicator Description:
MI-585277-2 Gray Panel
MI-585277-3 Black Panel


- Color Radar Indicator (Black)
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Yes, with the addition of the Avtech Digital Switching Unit (DSU) P/N 6001-1-1. List price for this unit is approximately $12000.