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Part #: 453-6700

Model: SLB-406




Survivor Locator Beacon Transmitter

Part Number :

  • Discontinued by ACR as of 10/7/16
  • 406 MHz Survival Beacon
  • Rugged Design - made of poly-carbonate plastic, and is designed to withstand the crush, shock & impact associated with a crash
  • Remains fully waterproof up to 10 meters
  • Easy to Use
  • Right or Left Handed
  • Activation is simple and can be done with one hand
  • Accurate within 3 km
  • Certified to the RTCA DO-183 and DO-204 environment standards for type (S) ELT
  • COSPAS-SARSAT certification as a Class 2 beacon
  • Minimum of 50 hours of full power operation, per RTCA requirements
  • Interoperable with search and rescue assets and systems around the world
  • Self-testing with visual indication of test activation and either pass or fail results
  • 5 year battery life in storage and can be quickly changed by replacing the lower housing
  • Automatic activation lanyard available
  • OPTIONAL flotation collar available


Material: Poly-carbonate high impact plastic with UV indicators Color:  Safety Yellow
Dimensions: 178mm x 90mm x 55mm w/cover Weight: 720g (w/batteries & cover)
Volume: 560cm2 Certification: RTCA DO-204; RTCA DO-183; COSPAS-SARSAT T.001
COSPAS-SARSAT Beacon Power: 5W ± 2dB Homing Beacon Power:  100 mW
Endurance: 50 hours at -20°C Antenna:  40 cm Flexible Antenna
  Activate, Off, Test Indicators: Transmit, Test Pass, Test Fail
Altitude: Up to 50,000 ft Rapid Decompression: Up to 50,000 ft
Depth: Waterproof to 10 meters Operating Temperature: -20°C to +55°C
Humidity:  95% at +55°C Battery: 5 years storage, LiSO2 
Storage Temperature: -40°C to +55°C    
Part Number SLB-406 Survival Beacon Description:
453-6700 Main Assembly - Includes completely assembled SLB, Battery Pack, & Activation Lanyard
455-0011 ELT Packlist - Includes Main Assembly (described above) & Manual 


- Survivor Locator Beacon Transmitter
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